Lupe Fiasco and Chance The Rapper
“Don’t choose the one who is beautiful to the world. Choose the one who makes your world beautiful.”



BULLSHIT!!! 😡😡. #cnn #america #ebola #racism

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This isn’t news. Ebola wasn’t even on the CDC’s radar to cure until white Americans caught it. Africans have been dying from ebola for DECADES.
And it isn’t as if the strain of ebola is NEW or anything. This is the same strain that was discovered in 1976, and so far no further studies have been undertaken to find a cure or even a vaccine for the virus.
But two old crotchety white people catch it and suddenly it’s a goddamn race against time to find a cure.
But when Africans with no proper access to clean healthcare were dying by the hundreds, the CDC  AND WHO were content to let that shit rock. This is not fucking news.